Ousted Vanguard CEO Gets Revenge On Bitcoin By Crashing The Internet At All Time High

Ousted Vanguard CEO Gets Revenge On Bitcoin By Crashing The Internet At All Time High

Recently ousted Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley, who announced he was stepping down as the leader of the $7.2 trillion AUM asset manager last week after causing the firm to lose out on millions of dollars in fees by refusing to offer Bitcoin ETFs to the firm's clients, got his revenge Tuesday by flipping the internet off just as Bitcoin reached an all time high of over $69,000. The move caused the price to crash below $64,000 in less than two hours.

In a bold move, Buckley used Vanguard's master internet switch to power off the internet, without warning, Tuesday morning causing cloud servers which power Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Coinbase, CNN, and countless other online services to go offline. This method is what IT professionals call a "cold start" which means the cloud computers take several minutes, or longer, to power back on and resume normal operations after having power restored.

Only a handful of corporations have access to the internet's master switch. Vanguard has one along with BlackRock, JP Morgan, and Google. The master switches were developed by the U.S. Government so it's closest and wealthiest simps could assist with cutting off vital communications for the population in the event that something the government didn't like occurred and it needed to squash it. It's unclear if the government ordered Buckley to cut the internet to harm Bitcoin or if he did it out of a spite after losing his job over his opposition to the world's largest cryptocurrency.

A spokesman for Vanguard declined to comment on Buckley's motives but confirmed that his golden parachute severance package of over $300 million was unaffected by this stunt and that there was no way to void the contract without approval form deep state representatives whose names are not available to the public.

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