Paul Sztorc Runs For President Of US To Promote BIP 300

Paul Sztorc Runs For President Of US To Promote BIP 300
Photo by René DeAnda / Unsplash

Paul Sztorc, the infamous creator of Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) 300, has officially announced that he is running for President of the United States. The goal of the campaign appears to be to raise awareness of his BIP. The move sparks controversy as this marks the first time someone attempted to run for political office in order to try and influence Bitcoin protocol development.

David Bailey, the CEO of Bitcoin Magazine, was the first person to endorse Sztorc's move and even offered to run as his VP to bring more clout to the ticket. Bailey commented on Sztorc's move saying, "I want the Bitcoin 2024 conference in Nashville to be overflowed with politicians. This is the first time that someone who builds on Bitcoin is running for president. We need to put blinders on and support him just because he is a bitcoiner."

Pierre Rochard was unimpressed with the spectacle and proceeded to call everyone involved with the stunt a spook. Others criticized the move saying that it creates a mockery of the proper Bitcoin development process. Dennis Porter on the other hand championed the move, declaring that behavior like this would bring mass adoption.

Sztorc is running on the Libertarian Party ticket and has stiff competition in the primary despite running against individuals you have never heard of before. "My goal is to bring awareness around BIP 300. I've shouted from stages at conferences, and into the abyss of the internet for years without anyone taking me seriously. I will now be shouting the good news from the presidential campaign trail. Maybe someone will care this time."

Whether or not anyone will take him seriously is still at question. Many individuals have expressed their skepticism of the proposal as a result of the relentless marketing by Sztorc as well as his use of terms like "Zero Risk." Every decision has trade offs and his unwillingness to admit that creates concerns. It is clear that Sztorc has a long road ahead of him.

Sztorc's campaign has raised $1 million is donations so far, and is targeting $20 million. He decision to run for president makes him the 3rd candidate to be running for president who says nice things about Bitcoin.