Pentagon Passes Audit For First Time Ever, Clearly Explains All Their Spending

Pentagon Passes Audit For First Time Ever, Clearly Explains All Their Spending

The Pentagon has successfully passed an internal audit after failing it for years. While many of the expenses cannot be described thoroughly due to classification, they at least were able to justify where and why the funds were going to different places. The passing of the audit opens up the door for a new standard of government accountability and responsibility with taxpayer money in a time where individuals have been generally distrustful of government.

Alex Jones, a far right political commenter, was shocked to hear the news. He said, "This level of transparency from the Pentagon is so surprising, maybe a plane actually did hit the Pentagon in 2001. Their actual attempt to be honest has completely shattered my belief system." Alex Jones is not the only one reeling at the news as the whole conspiracy world seems to be shook.

If government continues to be honest and transparent, the entire conspiracy theory industry might cease to exist. The Pentagon being honest could even be a major threat to Bitcoin. Many individuals are pleading with the US government to not reverse the trend of horrible abuses and lying as it could severely impact their income.

As a result of the audit news, US treasuries had a stellar auction as foreign investors saw a rare flash of US government honesty. All in all, this looks really bullish for the US dollar. Will Clemente's theory on how stablecoins will out perform Bitcoin, seems plausible.

Another bullish moment for the dollar happened over the weekend when Javier Milei won the presidency in Argentina. He has promised to eliminate the central bank of Argentina, so the country can instead be controlled by the US Federal Reserve.

All in all, the news comes during a time where the United States is looking at escalating global conflict. The renewed confidence in the solvency and financial reporting of the government means that the US definitely has the ability to fund as much war as it desires, at least for the near future.

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