People On Bitcoin Twitter Still Believe Elections Are Real, Milei Losing In Argentina

People On Bitcoin Twitter Still Believe Elections Are Real, Milei Losing In Argentina

There is a strange phenomenon on Bitcoin twitter where individuals continue to applaud political elections as if they were fair and real. Right now as we speak, Argentina is having the most fair and secure election since Joe Biden was elected into office in 2020. A handful of people, but not too many, are watching with anticipation as a self proclaimed Anarcho Capitalist candidate is running for President in Argentina. The country has been gripped with extremely high inflation as a result of central bank policy, and Javier Milei is promising to end the central bank if he wins the election.

Despite the election not being over, individuals like David Bailey are already denying the election results, which is extremely damaging to democracy. The chat rooms he references are probably full of Russian bots. Democracy only works when individuals place blind faith in their leaders, who know what's truly best for them. David's attempt to cry foul in the election may be due to the fact that he wants another president to speak at the Bitcoin conference next year, and his dreams may not become a reality.

The candidate leading the Argentinian election is a man named Sergio Massa, who played a big part in the economic policies that have devastated Argentina. Governments want people to believe voting is real so that they can appoint the politicians you didn't want, and you think that your neighbors voted for them. It is a truly beautiful demoralization technique to have you lose faith in your neighbor rather than the political system.

So the question is, when Bitcoiners have an exit from a system that celebrates the violation of property rights, why do they cheer on elections for politicians that will never win, or will continue to contribute to the destruction of individual liberty? Well it's simple. The Bitcoin Twitter influencer is attempting to fit into a media environment that is entirely centered around the idea that politics is legitimate, and the state is your master. The entire apparatus of the media exists to give the state legitimacy in the eyes of its subjects, and to justify whatever atrocities the regime decides to commit.

The twitter influencer seeks to harness some of the momentum created by traditional media, as well as speak the language that individuals have learned from consistent conditioning over their lifetimes, to earn enormous clout. This is explains why David Bailey is so invested in politicians and elections. It is reported that he is offering to send members of the Bitcoin Magazine team down to Argentina to help count ballets as an independent audit if needed. CIA director William J. Burns probably got a chuckle from that one.

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