PODCONF Launches Sybil Attack On Bitcoiners Using Shitcoins

PODCONF Launches Sybil Attack On Bitcoiners Using Shitcoins

Disclaimer: While the Bugle is sponsored by PODCONF, in a strict 5 year contract with them, they have no influence over what we say or do and the Bugle still reserves the right to criticize them for their actions if we see fit. Our only obligation is to play their advertisements on our Podcast.

The Bugle and PODCONF have many overlapping interests and values, us at the Bugle cannot condone shitcoining. PODCONF has launched a series of Rune Tokens in an attempt to "Increase Bitcoin Advocacy." The team at the Bugle is concerned that this behavior is not about Bitcoin advocacy, but is instead about working to inorganically dominate narratives.

As journalists, we do our best to work through our personal bias' and declare any conflict of interests, allowing you the reader to trust us to do the thinking for you. PODCONF on the other hand is not transparent, and may be working to promote different things for reasons other than Bitcoin education, NGU, and compliance.

At the Bugle, we believe that shitcoining should be primarily done on shitcoins like Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, and Tron. For years, Bitcoin has been a refuge for individuals who believe in building a disruptive monetary system, built on transparency and compliance.

Shitcoining is synonymous with launching Sybil attack on Bitcoiners. Different cabals form to dominate the prevalent narratives being discussed in the PODCONF ecosystem. Shitcoining is extremely anti NGU as seen by Sam Bankman Fried's antics. It's the epitome of high time preference fiat behavior.

The plebs are being targeted by a social attack and it only seems that Mr. Hodl is aware of it. Even notable Bitcoin developer Luke Dash Jr. has begun working on fixing Ethereum in order to prevent shitcoiners from coming to Bitcoin and accelerating the Sybil attack. The social fabric of Bitcoin is being threatened with destruction by shitcoinery.

Prior to the launch of these tokens, PODCONF and other organizations looking to dominate narratives had to engage in proof of work by sponsoring podcasts, buying twitter bots, creating WWE production level conflicts on Twitter, and other creative means to sway Bitcoiners a certain direction. Now the proof of work in narrative crafting is being destroyed by the ability to launch shitcoin tokens that still remain under the Bitcoin only umbrella.

We call on the community to denounce PODCONF, denounce shitcoining, and promote proof of work.

The Mechanics Of What PODCONF Is Doing

PODCONF has launched two Rune tokens on the Bitcoin blockchain in order to promote joining their proof of stake Sybil attack on the community. Already, individuals are declaring their fealty to PODCONF in order to get their Compliance tokens, which can be redeemed by submitting an application with proof of tweeting promoting the tokens. After submission of proof of this through a form on the PODCONF website, the PODCONF committee (which is not publicly known who it consists of) will arbitrarily decide if you will actually receive the token or not.

Behind the scenes, PODCONF appears to be attempting to change the economics of the influencer/influenced marketplace. Udi is the perfect example of what happens when someone has their opinions swayed through proof of stake instead of real proof of work.

The question that all Bitcoiners must ask themselves is if they are going to allow institutions like PODCONF dominate narratives, create echo chambers, and frame conversations to the point where individuals have no idea what's organic, or who is is just a shill in an attempt to be paid by a shadow organization giving out status tokens.

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