Protest On Demand Services Ramp Up As Election Season Approaches

Protest On Demand Services Ramp Up As Election Season Approaches

Protest on Demand (PoD), a subsidiary of Spirit Halloween, has seen a recent explosion in growth. All over the United States, shops are popping up close to college campuses, allowing individuals to buy protests for their various concerns. Various politicians have expressed their concerns about the business model, suggesting that their donors should have a monopoly over buying protests.

PoD CEO stated that, "I know politicians are upset with us about assisting normal people protesting instead of allowing George Soros and other unsavory characters to fund everything themselves. We are democratizing protesting and bringing the ability to launch Sybil attacks to normal people."

When going to visit PoD, individuals are able to buy the services of crisis actors who will do things such as glue their hands to the ground, pallets of bricks, umbrellas, laser pointers, and other things that can be used to clash with police or destroy a small business.

The founder of the company explained the origin story to the Bugle saying that, "I got paid to go protest in 2020 during the infamous summer of love. Before I opened PoD, it was a lot more difficult for normal people to get the things they protest. The only thing left to completely democratize protesting is to be able to buy media companies within the PODCONF ecosystem."

Media companies are what make protests effective or not. Protesters must create noise to the point of getting covered by media in order to be noticed by the general public. This generally comes from creating destruction to property as well as get arrested by police. There are times though where media refuses to cover protests if the topic is something not suiting the general current focus of PODCONF.

Apparently the company has had very little issues recruiting individuals to be bought for protests. What the company has done is they have created different protest groups that are directed by Tik Tok influencers when purchased. Buying and directing college aged kids to do things has never been easier.

"The kids these days just do what the apps on their cell phones tell them to do. There is absolutely no critical thinking done whatsoever. We buy the influencers who then go and influence people when to protest. We also have friends in media we can lean on to favorably cover the protests for out customers to encourage them."
-Guy Bunderswag, Founder of PoD

While the business is booming, there is a seasonality to it as it appears that protests are primarily bought during election years to try to influence perception on candidates. What is yet to be revealed is how protest groups like Just Stop Ordinals might target Bitcoin conferences with services such as these.

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