Pursuing Freedom This 4th of July In The Age Of Compliance

Pursuing Freedom This 4th of July In The Age Of Compliance

One clear truth that just about no American can contest is that many American's today, with their deep commitment to compliance, departs from the founding fathers vision who founded the country on the principles of non compliance. All over the country, people are gathering to celebrate their compliance with a government, who has remained noncompliant since day 1 of it's founding.

Despite a good portion of the country failing to strive for freedom, there remains a bastion of non compliant freedom fighters who are transacting P2P and bucking the trends of KYC/AML, despite all the encouragement from influencers who insist that freedom comes primarily first by putting all your personal information in insecure databases that act as extensions for compliance enforcers and tax men.

Noncompliant 1776 • Richard Greaser
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The true American knows that noncompliance should not be allowed to be centralized only with government employees, and that citizens themselves need to democratize noncompliance. While the perception from the CIA ran media depicts one nation ruled by compliance, there is a deeply different reality playing out. All over America, the legacy of noncompliance runs stronger than ever before as individuals are buying non kyc cigarettes, using illegal fireworks, ignoring tax men, and showcasing a general disrespect for the elected leaders who actively promote a compliance double standard.

The media refuses to showcase how noncompliant the American people are, as they drive over the speed limit without seat belts on. Individuals are actively using Bitcoin to ensure their hard work doesn't get redirected into the cold wallets of politicians and Ukrainian oligarchs. Our ancestors look down with us with pride as all across the country individuals are awakening and becoming increasingly more ungovernable.

Defiance permeates every sub group of American culture, from the Amish milk man, to the gas station worker selling non kyc cigarettes under the table. The American spirit of freedom persists despite the sybil attacks to convince those that freedom is dead. To kill freedom would mean to kill the human spirit, and there is a long way to go in order to accomplish that. A vanguard of individuals who value themselves more than complying with the noncompliant persists despite the best attempts to show you that it doesn't.

This holiday is not about continuing the demoralization of Americans, but it is about celebrating and connecting with human's default state which is freedom. It would be remiss to celebrate and highlight this day without highlighting that our noncompliant journalism at this publication is only made possible by those who support us noncompliant. The future is hopeful because of readers and supporters like you, who believe that life is more than just doing what you're told.

Happy noncompliance day from the Bugle!

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