Podcasters Declare The Start Of The Next Bull Run

Podcasters Declare The Start Of The Next Bull Run
Photo by 2 Bull Photography / Unsplash

Everyone knows that the best way to effectively trade Bitcoin is based on the emotional sentiment of Bitcoin Twitter, or whatever Willy Woo says on Peter McCormack's podcast. Today, the emotional sentiment on Bitcoin Twitter is that the dollar price of Bitcoin will continue to rally. Stackchainers are taking credit for todays pump, when in reality it is likely just more behind the scenes market manipulation by big exchanges.

What moves the price of Bitcoin? Every podcaster claims to know. You can't generate consistent listeners without expert price predictions, and without listeners, you cannot generate sponsors who will rug pull your listeners. As ad revenue for podcasters is down, due to their previous sponsors going bankrupt, the potential for the start of the next bull run is the light at the end of the tunnel.

For some podcasters, it means that they will finally be able to afford to move out of their parents house. For others, it means their first conference speaking spot. For the elite Bitcoin podcaster, it means lots of sponsorship money and maybe an additional side hustle. The rising tide raises all podcasters success.

There is a lingering reality that Bitcoin may continue to trade sideways or even go down. Make sure to tune into Rabbit Hole Recap later today to hear uncle Marty's expert macro takes to get the best idea of what's going on.