RIOT To Transition Their Mining Farms To Grow Organic, Non GMO Bitcorn

RIOT To Transition Their Mining Farms To Grow Organic, Non GMO Bitcorn
Photo by Dan Meyers / Unsplash

Heat and CO2 recapture have been under utilized in Bitcoin mining. Instead of taking the carbon produced by bitcoin mining computers, and capturing it, Riot platforms has chosen to instead release the CO2 negligently into the air, obviously causing global warming. Bitcoin mining has caught a lot of scrutiny from policy makers and climate activists. Earlier this year, Bitdeer's operations were disrupted by climate activists , gluing themselves to the floor of the hot isle.

Riot seems to be attempting to transition away from an environmentally irresponsible operation. They are now planting corn in their facilities to capture all the carbon produced by the mining computers. They claim to be net neutral in regards to emissions as a result, but the fact that they are still consuming electricity in the first place is the issue. Riot consumes more electricity than the entire lost civilization of Atlantis did at the height of their power.

The corn being grown is not only being used to help offset emissions, and once it's grown, it is used to feed cattle that graze around Riot's property. The cattle are fitted with special devices that capture the methane they produce from farting, and the methane is then burned to help mine more bitcoin.

Texas Slim is reported to have cattle grazing on the property. He has publicly praised Riot's "Bitcorn" which he uses to feed his cows. "Riot is producing the highest quality corn, which we use to finish the cattle. It's non GMO and organic. Our cows are grass fed, corn finished for the best taste on the market. As a rancher, I don't want garbage fed to my cows like skittles, or mRNA injections. Instead, I feed them grass and bitcorn. Riot is helping me keep Bill Gates far away from my cows."

It is rumored that Lancium is currently preparing a lawsuit against RIOT for patent infringement on their methan capture devices. Lancium's entire business model has been patent trolling, similar to Crusoe.

While Pierre Rochard has filmed himself galavanting around the property with all sorts of devices that he suggests read air quality, we have still yet to see Riot offer access to an independent study by high quality journalists from the Bitcoin Bugle, or New York Times. It is highly likely that Rochard has been only releasing highly edited and misleading footage to try and justify Riot's energy usage. Rochard's media publications show the danger of spreading misinformation on social media.

While Riot continues to pump out CO2 and grow Bitcorn, people in Canada continue to be diagnosed with climate change related diseases. "It is horrible," said a nurse working at a hospital in Toronto. "They shouldn't get away with it. They are giving people anxiety attacks because of their Bitcorn mining."

It is yet to been if Riot's new publicity stunt will boost their stock price. Even if they truly are net zero, there is no way the media will be able to support them as Riot's goals run contrary to the many powerful people who own the media. Who knows, maybe Riot and other miners will begin buying media platforms in order to be able to control narratives themselves going forward in the future.

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