Samourai Wallet's Marketing Strategy Similar To Soccer Flops

Samourai Wallet's Marketing Strategy Similar To Soccer Flops

Samourai Wallet is roadmapping one of the best marketing strategies, following decades of soccer players example of theatrics and flopping. The company has been seeing a decline in their product being used as a result of high network transaction fees. Users seem to be consolidating UTXOs and using the network less as a result of the congestions. No only that, users finding themselves afraid of possible government retribution for using privacy tools, as regulators become increasingly more hostile towards anyone not completely demoralized in regards to their personally privacy.

Over the last few weeks, the wallet company has found an incredible marketing strategy which is to soccer flop and accuse others of maliciously attacking and or censoring their product. While individuals with a trained eye can see through the flop, many individuals have bought the theatrics and have been quick to support the company. "Before I thought I had nothing to hide, and I bought all my corn on Strike. Now that Samourai is getting censored, I now understand the importance for privacy and am going to send my funds their their coinjoin thingy. All the drama on Twitter makes me want to use their product more," Said @randompleb9000 on Twitter.

While a good portion of the community is watching the performance on Twitter in confusion, many are asking themselves why everything needs to be over dramatized. Those individuals underestimate the importance of the storied tradition of creating as much confusion around Bitcoin privacy as possible. Spreading confusion on the topic allows for people coming into Bitcoin to make poorly informed decisions, and often opt out of possible privacy preserving practices.

Many lack the willingness to adopt a high enough level of autism in order to be able to understand the nuance in these discussions. It's a lot of work to go from 0 to Luke Dash Jr. and many Bitcoin users would prefer to spend their time making money and or investing in their family relationships, rather than fortifying their autism. Samourai has set a very interesting example for other Bitcoin related companies to follow. Bitcoin Magazine at one point exemplified the flop perfectly by telling the world they were getting sued by the Federal Reserve when in reality they had only received a cease and desist letter. Bitcoin companies need to find creative ways to boost social media engagement as well as gain new customers going into this next bull market.

The Bugle may ourselves use this flopping strategy in order to try and milk the social engagement as best we can at some point. It truly is creative and revolutionary.

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