PODCONF® Compliance Committee Grants Tether Waiver to Samson Mow, Jan3

PODCONF® Compliance Committee Grants Tether Waiver to Samson Mow, Jan3

A secretive board of blue chip PODCONF® podcasters and conference organizers, known simply as The Compliance Committee, approved the Tether waiver request by Jan3 Samson Mow announced today. The waiver allows Jan3, developers of the Aqua Wallet, to facilitate use of Tether without being considered non-compliant under PODCONF's stablecoin policy.

“While official policy states that PODCONF is opposed to the use and proliferation of all forms of fiat currency, including stablecoins, Tether has been a consistent contributor to the Bitcoin ecosystem and has a long track record of supporting higher Bitcoin prices. As such, Bitcoin companies that facilitate use of Tether can remain in good standing by offsetting their Tether revenue with proportionate sponsorships of approved conferences and podcasts. In order to remain in good standing, entites may file a waiver request to the PODCONF Compliance Committee. Requests will be considered on a quarterly basis. All decisions made by the Compliance Committee are final.”

According to PODCONF policy, a waiver approval is also subject to the condition that waiver applicants offset an unspecified percentage of the revenue generated via Tether use by purchasing sponsorships for approved conferences and podcasts. According to sources familiar with PODCONF policy, all compliant persons and companies are subject to audit and review by PODCONF's compliance department to ensure compliance with waiver terms and sponsorship offset credits. If a company's Tether revenue increases year over year, their offsets must increase proportionately.

Companies and persons who facilitate the use of Tether without an approved Tether Waiver are considered non-compliant. Non-compliant companies and persons are not eligible to speak at PODCONF approved conferences or to be interviewed by approved podcasts. They are also not eligible for protection from criticism and meme gang attacks by PODCONF compliance enforcement.

With the approval of Jan3's Tether Waiver officially granted, Jan3, Samson Mow, and Aqua Wallet now all considered compliant and eligible to participate in PODCONF approved activities. Mow told The Bugle, "We were confident that our waiver would be granted. We have always maintained a strong relationship with PODCONF and look forward to working closely with them in the future."

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