Shinobi Becomes Unlikely Hero of the Pro-Mask Left Underground Street Racing Gangs

Shinobi Becomes Unlikely Hero of the Pro-Mask Left Underground Street Racing Gangs

Undisclosed Location Within the United States: This street racing gang is not your typical one. Usually, street racers form cliques based on the types of cars they have. One thing that is sure for all street racing gangs is that they always form based on one common goal.

Shinobi, Technical Editor at Bitcoin Magazine, and long time mask wearer has made an unlikely alliance with a mask wearing anarchocommunist street racing gang. This street racing gang has a core tenant of wearing a mask while driving alone for health reason.

Shinobi on the other hand, prefers to drive a high octane modern internet connected vehicle, and therefore dawns a mask for privacy concerns. "The cameras in my car really threaten my opsec. I know these new cars are problematic from a privacy standpoint with their microphones, cameras, 5g internet connections, and kill switches, but it's just so nice to drive a new street racer," he told the Bugle.

The unlikely match happened when Shinobi was asked to leave a long time racing community he had been a part of because they did not like that he was continuing to wear a mask in the car after Covid restrictions had ended.

"All the Covid mandates were over, and Shinobi kept wearing his mask in the car. I know he said it was for opsec, but we all know he was just really bummed the mask mandates had ended," Viper Velocity, leader of the 6th Street Speeders, told the Bugle.

All the other street racing gangs shunned Shinobi as the 6th Street Speeders had posted warnings about him on an online street racing forum. That was until a supercharged Toyota Prius with a mask wearer attempted to race Shinobi at a stoplight one late night.

Of course Shinobi smoked the mask wearer in the Prius, but the stopped to talk after their race. That was when Shinobi found there was a clan of street racers that would accept him for his mask wearing. The group was named the 8th Street Partison Resistance Racers (8SPRR) and liked to blend street racing with political activism.

8th Street Partison Resistance Racers

While the group disagreed with Shinobi on Bitcoin, freedom, and what it would take for Bitcoin to scale, they did agree on something more important which is that wearing a mask alone in your car is incredibly important.

8SPRR had taken a very active role in opposing anyone opposed to any mask or Covid mandates during Trump's fascist lockdowns. The group worked hard to subvert fascism by out complying everyone else and violently attacking anyone who shared their support of opposing mandates.

Shinobi has found that the group has become a lot more interested in Bitcoin and general best privacy practices since losing their funding from intelligence agencies. They have welcomed him with open arms and it appears he is slowly orange pilling the unusual misfit group, proving that Bitcoin may actually be for everone.

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