Jesse Jackson Negotiated T.E.M.'s Release From El Salvador Prison After 'Cartel' Hit

Jesse Jackson Negotiated T.E.M.'s Release From El Salvador Prison After 'Cartel' Hit

The Bugle has obtained a memo, as part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, from the U.S. State Department revealing Reverend Jesse Jackson successfully negotiated the release of controversial meme gang Triple Elite Memes (T.E.M.) from an El Salvador prison last month.

Jackson's notorious track record of success negotiating the release of American hostages and prisoners from hostile countries grew for the first time in over a decade after the Biden Administration enlisted him to return the mostly American meme gang members. The Bugle speculates that the administration was motivated to secure their release as part of a planned pivot to appease Bitcoiners in an election year. Reverend Jackson declined to comment on the mission due to confidentiality agreements but told The Bugle he did purchase a papusa in El Zonte using Bitcoin from a Blink Wallet.

El Salvador Begins Crackdown on Meme Gangs

The memo confirms a story published by The Bugle back in February reporting on the government of El Salvador expanding its war on gangs beyond MS-13 to include meme gangs. According to memo, T.E.M. members were vacationing together in El Salvador when President Nayib Bukele unilaterally changed federal law to give meme gangs who mocked him the same legal status as violent street gangs which comes with hefty prison sentences. There is no evidence that Bukele was aware of T.E.M.'s presence in the country when he changed the law or that he deliberately changed the law in order to detain them. But T.E.M.'s arrest was far from a coincidence.

"If you find yourself in the Cartel's cross hairs, be careful. It could cost you."

According to official documents, the hosts of the popular daytime X Spaces "GM #Bitcoin" @Coinicarus, @Meditation_Man, and @2140data used back channels to pass information about the T.E.M. members' location in the country to one of President Bukele's top aides after The Bugle published its report on El Salvador's meme gang crackdown. An active participant in Bitcoin related daytime Spaces who wished to remain anonymous told The Bugle the hosts of #GM Bitcoin have long viewed T.E.M. as a threat to their daytime Spaces domination. "T.E.M. has been perceived as being weak since their influence declined at the end of 2023. The #GM Bitcoin hosts viewed El Salvador's gang crackdown as an opportunity to eliminate T.E.M.'s influence for good."

The daytime Bitcoin X Spaces industry is reportedly extremely cut throat. Spaces hosts often resort to dirty but effective tactics in order to censor, intimidate, and even eliminate anyone or any group which threatens their influence over niche corners of the internet. The now free T.E.M. members have recently launched a meme campaign raising awareness about the seedy underbelly of the daytime Spaces community. They've labeled these territorial Spaces communities "Cartels". One member told The Bugle. According to the meme campaign The Cartel signals Cartel leadership information to listeners by anointing "co-hosts" which are similar to Captains in the Mob. "If you find yourself in the Cartel's cross hairs, be careful. It could cost you."

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