Swan HR Sets Up Counter To Mark How Many Days Since Last Scandal

Swan HR Sets Up Counter To Mark How Many Days Since Last Scandal

A secret source inside Swan has detailed to the Bugle that the company is working diligently to manage their damage control after allowing a long time convicted pedophile to walk in their midst. 2023 has been marked by a series of scandals, and it seems like the company is constantly in damage control. Despite that, the HR department at the media company that happens to also have an exchange is turning to different methods to try and set a different tone for the company. They are looking to incentivize good company behavior and a long term vision by rewarding employees for extended time without a major PR crisis.

The way the incentive program will work is that different rewards will be given to employees for different milestones. Large bonuses will be given to individuals in the company if they can manage going 1 year without some major blow up on social media. Smaller awards like pizza parties will be given to employees for a month without a major scandal. This marks a divergence from Swan's previous behavior of trying to control the narrative by buying all of the social media influencers.

The company is likely shifting course to actually fix structural issues because the expected growth in Bitcoin influencers in 2024 is projected to out pace Swan's ability to raise more money, meaning that they would likely be unable to buy all of them like in the previous cycle. Swan's HR department has also being doing a lot of competition research in order to evaluate how other companies avoid being dragged into so many PR scandals. What they are seeming to be finding is that the number one way to avoid public backlash is to do a better due diligence process all around on the services the company uses, inflooncers the company hires, and speakers at their conferences.

Whether or not Swan will be able to actually avoid scandals going forward is unknown at this time, but many employees appear to be determined to make it 30 days to get a pizza party. This past scandal has been so bad, the ADL has even backed off their course of trying to counter what they call "Antiswanitism." It appears for now that critics of the company like TEM are feeling pretty vindicated and will be lauded as heroes in the Bitcoin community.

The Bugle is also considering throwing a pizza party for it's writers if they can go a month without having to report some news story on Swan.

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