Swan Surpasses Pfizer As Top Sponsor In Value For Value Economy

Swan Surpasses Pfizer As Top Sponsor In Value For Value Economy

"There is no second best!" – After an announcement this morning on X (Formerly Twitter) that they are partnering with one of the world's top Bitcoin podcasters, Tucker Carlson, Swan Bitcoin officially surpassed Pfizer as the top sponsor/advertiser in the Value For Value economy.

Since 2021, Pfizer has dominated advertisement and marketing spend across the media and podcast industry with the second place sponsor so far in the rearview mirror, nobody is actually sure who they were. However, now that Swan is sponsoring Tucker Carlson's much anticipated live stadium tour throughout the U.S. this summer as well as the highly popular Bitcoin podcast What Bitcoin Did, they have become the new number one.

Swan is hoping the Tucker Carlson sponsorship will allow them to reach millions of potential new customers, potential new Bitcoiners, and drive them to learn more about Bitcoin through Swan's extensive Bitcoin education archives featuring Natalie Brunell, Sam Callahan, Stephan Livera, Dante Cook, and many others. According to Swan CEO Cory Klippsten, Tucker Carlson wanted a Bitcoin only sponsor as opposed to a shitcoin company. Swan used this opportunity to strike (no pun intended).

A new type of pill is dominating the media now - an orange pill

Now listeners to based and red pilled media such as Carlson's have a 92.45% chance of hearing a Swan ad and ultimately becoming a Bitcoin Only Maximalist for life. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said this monumental shift was "just a matter of time". Bourla added, "The vaccines have become less popular as Covid and our propaganda has grown less effective. However, if this bird flu strategy pays off, you can expect to see us back in the top spot shilling a new vaccine as early as this fall."

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