"TA Is A Hard Science That Should Be Taught In Colleges," Willy Woo

"TA Is A Hard Science That Should Be Taught In Colleges," Willy Woo

The bull market is ultimately the season of the trader as everyone thinks they can get rich when Bitcoin only goes up. Willy Woo appears to be attempting to capitalize on this as he has announced that he would be teaching a course on trading at the University of Toronto. Slowly, colleges around the world are opening up to teaching courses on Bitcoin, but this is the first time a college would be teaching a course on Bitcoin technical analysis. While many have claimed that technical analysis is like astrology for people with Robinhood accounts, many colleges are poised to attract students after a dismal fall in college attendance. Some have said colleges are hurting because they debt trap young kids and treated them horribly during the lockdowns, but the reality is that colleges are hurting because they are not keeping up with the times.

"College curriculum should follow the latest Tik Tok trends, and be adjusted actively to follow it. The bull market is upon us which means that people are going to quit their jobs again to day trade. Why not bring that market into colleges and get them hooked on student debt that they won't ever pay off," Woo told the Bugle.

A good trader should be able to pay off their college debt, using the skillsets they learn from taking the trading course. The free subscription to Glassnode may be enough to even earn the cost of tuition back while in school. The course will ultimately focus on the real way to make money in trading, which is selling trading courses to people do not know how to trade. Woo has stated that guests speakers will be a staple in his classroom, inviting individuals like BritishHodl, Will Clemente, and many others with reputable trading courses.

Critics of Woo's course are saying that he is essentially using the University of Toronto to build a LML where traders buy into his trading course in order to learn how to sell others their trading course. Woo has rejected these statements stating that, "Traders are necessary for any market, providing liquidity and price discovery." The success of the course is yet to be seen, but according to the latest Tik Tok trends, day trading is coming back into style.

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