British Government Bans V For Vendetta For Fear Of Hate Speech

British Government Bans V For Vendetta For Fear Of Hate Speech
Photo by Ahmed Zayan / Unsplash

Governments around the world are currently terrified as their populations continue to grow more and more dissatisfied. The UK government has become much more active in prosecuting hate speech and has gone as far as to label the popular book and movie, V for Vendetta, "Hate Art." The government's definition of hate art is, "Any artistic materials promoting the idea of hate speech." Many fear this vague definition will allow the government to randomly prosecute anyone they desire, and to censor content at a whim.

Marry Poppin's fleeing UK as a Political refugee

The UK has struggled in regards to protecting speech and continues to spiral into an Orwellian nightmare, very similar to what is pictured in V for Vendetta. It is rumored that Mary Poppins has immigrated to Dubai in search for a freer environment after Russel Brand was attacked by the British parliament for criticizing their policies. The British government labeled Brand's criticism of them, pharmaceutical companies, and the royal family and dangerous hate speech.

The ban looks to target streaming companies and book stores that distribute the materials. Rishi Sunak commented on the move saying, "When I was a kid, I enjoyed the graphic novel and enjoyed watching the movie when it came out. I know understand how in such a turbulent time as we find ourselves in now, we cannot allow content to be circulated promoting the blowing up of government buildings. We must stand against terrorists and promote stability. England will prevail."

The blatant censorship will likely have a chilling impact as many individuals will be afraid of criticizing government officials for fear of being prosecuted for hate speech. Ideas may be bulletproof but individuals consuming "unapproved content" are not.

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