To All A Merry Christmas From the Bugle

To All A Merry Christmas From the Bugle

While individuals around the country are going into bankruptcy in order to fulfill the pressure to buy their loved ones presents, (What a brilliant marketing strategy by corporate America) let us remember the true meaning of Christmas. It is a holiday that is inherently religious but I will spare you a sermon. A high level view of the birth of Christ gives you a battle between good and evil, when it feels like all is lost, and the salvation of humanity lies in the hands of two poor parents and a helpless baby. A ruthless king has his army searching for that baby, killing all the just born boys they could find in attempt to crush good.

In days like these, when the world is at war, inflation is out of control, politicians in Washington are no longer trying to hide their corruption, and it seems like there is no hope, it is important to remember the story of Christmas. A story so powerful that men fighting to kill each other on the front lines of WW1 paused their fighting to remember that there is so much more to this world than dying needlessly for the parasitic ruling class. That you are an individual with value and dignity and despite CIA lead attempts to completely demoralize you through the media, you are worth more than just a slave to generate tax revenue for pedophiles.

As we wrap up the very first year at the Bugle, we would like to thank you all for joining us on this incredible journey. The memes have been fantastic, and we promise they will only get better in 2024. News outlets like the New York times are competing with us every day to produce the best satire, and we firmly believe that we will be victorious. We will win, not because we are smarter, or have more money. No, they have the money printers, politicians, and corporate rulers on their side, but we have hope and truth. Here at the Bugle, we believe that individuals have agency and can reject CIA mind control. We believe individuals can think for themselves, and that when they do, they will refuse to turn back to a life of servitude to people who are objectively evil.

In 2024, let's reject the authority of war criminals and use Bitcoin without permission. Let us remember that the most dangerous thing to the people who would seek to keep us in chains is those who have the courage to stand up in defiance. Make sure to encourage one another, but also to have fun making fun of statists and shitcoiners.

Let us dream of a world where journalists like Assange are not in chains, and Ross is free. A world of voluntary interactions and a hard money standard. A world where privacy is not unsurmountable, but is the default. Reject the surveillance state, and the endless wars, not just because it is the moral and correct thing to do, but because there is hope. The default state of the human soul is free and it is time to return to the defaults.

Now make sure to tell your family and friends that you love them. Encourage the people who stand besides you in this war for truth and justice. Remember those killed or in prison for attempting to help set humanity free, and cherish your freedom. You are an individual with a mind, and never surrender that.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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