Trump and Biden Agree To Allow RFK Jr. To Perform During Halftime Show of Debate

Trump and Biden Agree To Allow RFK Jr. To Perform During Halftime Show of Debate

The Presidential debate has historically been the pinnacle of the Statist Superbowl Cycle (SSC). The SSC is a cycle that happens every four years in which the media picks a figurehead to represent the deep state in Washington DC. Many Americans become captivated at the idea of having the opportunity to try and pick who they deem is worthy of stealing from them for the next halving cycle.

Both political parties, Republican and Democrat, have historically colluded to exclude outsiders, but this seems to be changing as both Donald Trump and Joe Biden's campaigns have agreed to allow a political outsider perform a 2 minute interpretative dance during the halftime show of the first presidential debate on CNN.

The move has sparked controversy with CNN's main sponsor, Pfizer, as RKF Jr. has historically been very outspoken against vaccines as well as big pharma in general.

"We are already pushing the envelope by even allowing disinformation agent Donald Trump on the debate stage, but now we are being expected to platform RFK Jr. who is even a bigger agent of disinformation. If handled improperly, we will lose our viewers which we have thoroughly brain washed to think a certain way, and would get upset if we presented anything outside of the brainwashing. We have put restrictions on RFK to protect our viewers and sponsors," CNN CEO Mark Thompson told the Bugle.

Thompson went on to explain that RFK would be performing an interpretive dance to discuss approved topics like, funding Israel, banning firearm ownership for individuals, as well as the pervasive impacts of climate change. While RFK Jr. will not get a shot at the big leagues, his third party campaign allows for shifting the narrative of the Trump and Biden campaigns.

When it comes to selection cycles, the media has an incredible track record of working tirelessly to protect democracy by only allowing for approved voices to have reach. This tactic has protected the deep state from having to do dirty work by assassinating problematic candidates that threaten democracy. Through refusing to cover, as well as assassinating candidates characters, democracy has been thoroughly protected for decades by credentialed journalists.

In allowing RFK Jr. the ability to perform an interpretative dance, CNN and the uniparty candidates hope to be perceived as being fair and inclusive. Not every non serious candidate can be allowed speaking time, but RFK Jr. is the only current presidential candidate to have gone on the PODCONF tour, meaning he deserves some recognition during the debate.

Many middle aged women are reportedly posting their excitement at the idea of watching a shirtless RFK Jr. dance on stage during the halftime show, citing it as a major breath of fresh air compared to the other geriatric candidates. Many are hoping that there will be a stripper pole involved and that he will take a Magic Mike type approach to his performance for maximum reach.

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