Trump and King Charles are Working with Jamie Dimon to Collude and Make Tether Win

Trump and King Charles are Working with Jamie Dimon to Collude and Make Tether Win

In a ground breaking email leak, it has not only been determined that queen Elizabeth is alive, controlling King Charles from behind the scenes, but also that she is working with Donald Trump and Jamie Dimon to pull strings to "make Tether win." While the emails did not reveal the current location of the the queen, they did reveal that she is a stablecoin maximalist, and her plan is to prolong the relevancy of the US dollar using Tether as the vehicle. This new revelation may shed light into why Donald Trump has taken a stance against CBDC's, choosing instead to promote private stablecoins like Tether.

Why Jamie Dimon was included on the email thread is unknown because he did not seem to be addressed in the conversation. It could be that the Queen had accidentally fact fingered his email, but some are speculating that he needs reassurance that the cabal is not working to supplant him with a Federal Reserve issued CBDC.

King Charles may have announced his cancer diagnosis to join the once thought dead Queen in hiding to secretly control everything behind the scenes. That, or he might have actually been diagnosed with cancer, meaning that he does not have access to the substance allowing the queen to essentially achieve immortality.

Reading the leaked emails, which have only been released to stand up journalistic agencies and it's actually illegal for normal citizens to read, suggests that the queen's definition of Tether winning is bailing out the dollar from a death spiral, as well as dollarizing the world. At one point, Trump responded to the Queen, asking her to send him millions of USDT to his Aqua wallet. He did not specify which chain he wanted to receive it on, but it is pretty obvious it was not Liquid as nobody actually uses Liquid.

Many jurisdictions and countries are beginning to use the dollar via Tether more and more because their local fiat currencies are failing at an alarming rate. Not only does there seem to be a massive consolidation of government power and industry, but also of currencies as more and more countries are turning to dollars or BRICs currencies.

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