Udi Capitulates On Ethereum, Exclusively Shitcoins On Bitcoin Now

Udi Capitulates On Ethereum, Exclusively Shitcoins On Bitcoin Now

The Bitcoin intelligencia is in complete disarray after Udi announced that he was capitulating to exclusively shitcoin on Bitcoin. Udi has been teasing the transition away from using Ethereum and other shitcoins after users found a bug in Bitcoin Core, allowing them to shitcoin on the network as much as they want to. The bug allows for trolls to spam the network as much as they want, to the chagrin of anyone actually trying to use the network for any meaningful reason. Many Bitcoiners are upset that Udi and his hoard of loyal shitcoiners were able to find the exploit before they could.

A protest group, funded by Bitcoin's most loyal users, has begun trying to take back ground by staging various protests with little success. Their only success has been spamming Bitcoin's social scene by screaming, "REEEE the mempool is too full." What has been impressive is how easily triggered many bitcoiners have been as Udi used the exploit in one of the least creative manners possible by creating strange jpeg derivative products, which had already been done on Ethereum and other chains. All of this culminating in a beautiful distraction from Vitalik continuing to exit scam by selling the rest of his premined stash.

Luke Dash Jr. stepped in to try and resolve the conflict between the two groups by suggesting that core developers just patch the exploit, which was received only by shouting. Luke was met with an unnecessary amount of backlash, even after he was kind enough to report the vulnerability to Bitcoin's code.. Bitcoiners would benefit to remember that Bitcoin is lucky to have an eccentric autist who eats house pets and isn’t tempted by fiat schemes watching over the project.

Individuals should be counting themselves lucky that Udi is now a Bitcoin maximalist, and using his botnet to promote Bitcoin across the internet. This marks one the biggest capitulations in Bitcoin's history and is almost as crazy as if Charles Hoskinson chose to go the route of being Bitcoin only.

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