What Happened To Jeffrey Tucker?

What Happened To Jeffrey Tucker?

Those who listened to Jeffrey Tucker after 2017 assumed he probably had an understanding of economics and how Bitcoin works. As people started to use the network, and fees spiked, they likely quickly saw that he had very little understanding of either as he began to parrot Roger Ver and his cabal of Bitcoin companies seeking to take over Bitcoin for high time preference reasons.

Who would've thought that individuals fighting against Bitpay, Coinbase, and Bitmain would be the ones secretly trying to take over the network for their own selfish reasons, preventing Bitcoin adoption and the end of the state monopoly over money. Damn you Blockstream and Adam Back. Despite millions more people entering the market to use Bitcoin since 2017, somehow adoption is down today.

No Tucker, the real resistor of Bitcoin's current captured state has taken it upon himself to decry the failing of Bitcoin and the community, the day of the halving to promote the proper alternative, Roger Ver and BCash. With Bitcoin being captured, humanity's last hope to evade permanent slavery to the state is a handful of libertarian podcasters and educators, spreading the message. Adopting the proper ideology is significantly more powerful than building or doing anything.

The real way that the world changes is through niche anarchist media platforms issuing purity tests that disqualify the handful of things promoting freedom throughout the world. Forget the idea that it is up to individuals on how they use technology, and he market dynamics determining the demand of how to use technology in certain ways. How dare different individuals from different ideologies begin to use Bitcoin. Statists like Michael Saylor who pump NGU are gay, so therefore Bitcoin is gay.

Tucker's homophobia against Bitcoin and NGU is toxic, and he has fallen far from his more inclusive past. His betrayal to the Bitcoin community is hopefully being funded by Ver's book sales, and subsequent attempt to fix whatever woes they with Bitcoin, by promoting BCash or a new coin alternative they plan on launching.

If you're going to publicly suffer from Bitcoin derangement syndrome, hopefully you are at least getting paid good money by someone. Thankfully Tucker has avoided repeating all the same old boring FUD, and has branched into a new place of creativity. He has always been a visionary and ahead of the curve, despite landing in the middle on the Bell Curve.

NGU has been proven to cure mental illness, but there can be severe side effects for those who either think they missed the boat or picked the wrong fork. For "Fork Attracted Persons" there is likely no rehabilitation other than exile from polite society. We are all left wondering, "What happened to Jeffrey Tucker."

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