Why Bitcoin Mining Is Perfect In Every Way And Should Never Be Criticized

Why Bitcoin Mining Is Perfect In Every Way And Should Never Be Criticized

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, but despite that, the media should be given no quarter when it comes to their horrific reporting on Bitcoin mining, especially when they get it correct. Despite Andrew Chow's accurate reporting on the subject, he criticized Bitcoin mining and that should in no way ever be tolerated.

It's appalling to think that a reporter from a major news agency would spend the time to report on the struggles of individuals in a small town with no voice, at the mercy of a giant corporation who appears to care little about their quality of life.

The job of the Bitcoiner is to blindly support these giant publicly traded companies on social media for the security of the network, despite these companies showing repeatedly that they care very little about the overall security of the network. Failing to conflate Bitcoin mining with balancing energy grids, and providing immense amounts of value to the world opens up the discussion to focus on negative externalities which should be avoided at all costs.

For individuals living next door to large Bitcoin mines with inadequate noise containment, they should consider themselves grateful to be experiencing freedom so intimately. This is the revolution of decentralizing finance away from other individuals who also don't care about containing negative externalities. Their discomfort should be considered a necessary contribution to liberating humanity.

Discussing humanities unwillingness to participate in liberating itself should be ignored, and the fiat nature of the mining industry should be swept under the rug at all costs. The job of the Bitcoiner should be to pump the stock price of $MARA and others. The collective protection of all these companies, rather than individually criticizing each where criticism is due is ultimately protecting the network as a whole.

The truth is that in this revolution, the mining industry as well as every other aspect of the industry surrounding Bitcoin should not seek to be any better than the incumbents. We should promise that we are better, while operating with the exact same lack of morals and ethics. Dupont has created the playbook for success on this front.

Miners are not individuals who are responsible for their actions. They are a monolith that represents Bitcoin and should be protected in similar ways that the traditional media protects war criminals.

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