Why Savings Are Stupid When You Have VC Money And Credit Cards

Why Savings Are Stupid When You Have VC Money And Credit Cards

While the age of credit is coming to an end, we are still in the age of credit. Savers are penalized as borrowing money is near free and the money printer is seeking to ensure the reboot of the Fall of Rome. Saving in Bitcoin is like playing life on easy mode, and you like to live your life facing a little bit more challenge. That is why you have chosen to go the route of using other people's money to enter into leverage plays in order to take advantage of these unprecedented times. Everyone is scrambling to finance you everything in only 4-24 short payments, and everything is getting more expensive.

Now you know that fiat money is structurally horrible, and that printing money is immoral. But you also know that taking the printed money and getting rich off of it is only an accelerating force to end fiat. Especially when you can take that money and invest in a scarce asset like Bitcoin Trading Cards. Or you can take private investors money to sit on for a few years. Look at how Udi raised 10's of millions of dollars off a bad meme that will eventually die. Shitcoiner VCs will give you money to do just about anything. If you want to protect your reputation, but still take VC money, all you have to do is launch of company with a few Ben's on the board. "Look at our team," is the age old way to get VC money.

So why save anything when you can go raise other people's money to bail you out? Some people overemphasize the ability to control your own destiny. Yes by taking VC money, you give equity in your company, but you get money. To sell one's soul to the creditor is what it takes to be a modern man in this day and age. Your kids will ask you when they grow up, "Dad, why didn't you take more VC money when you were younger?"

You can change your time preference after the world transitions to a Bitcoin standard. Until then it is vital to live on a fiat standard.

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