Why The Bitcoin Bugle Should Be Deplatformed For Making People Think

Why The Bitcoin Bugle Should Be Deplatformed For Making People Think

One of the worst crimes a news publication can do is to mislead the public for sinister intentions. News publications are incredible ways to frame the public's perspectives on what is relevant and what they should talk about, as well as informing readers about the way the world works. As journalists, we strive to help spin tales in order to manufacture reality for our followers. The key to do this is in presenting a highly engaging headline in order to illicit an emotional reaction from the perspective reader, thus grabbing the attention of the prospect and maybe converting the prospect to read the article. Once the prospect reads the article, the hope is that their view of the world will change, and that will impact their decision making.

What makes the Bugle particularly dangerous is that we are unique in the way we present the news. While we use similar journalistic standards as our competitors, when it comes to using anonymous sources and embellishing stories for convenience of our political agenda, we are different because we are not beholden to advertisers and or shadowy funders. Instead, we are funded through illicit cigarette sales and donations from readers of our news site. It is pure capitalism mixed with a V4V donation model. Our unique revenue model makes it much easier for us to buck the mainstream narratives to actually perform real journalism. To many, this may be unacceptable, as it challenges them to consider they live in a reality that was manufactured by public education as well as traditional CIA mind control. Because of the discomfort our reporting causes individuals, it would be responsible for the Bugle to be deplatformed. (Pretty much every country where they speak American wrong, including Canada, Australia, the UK and EU are way ahead of the curve in regards to this.)

What is most concerning is that Bugle headlines often times appear similar to normal headlines. While this concern may appear to be valid on it's face, what is different about the Bugle is our intention is to never mislead our audience. We only present the hard BREAKING news without the agenda of shadowy donors, government interference, or corporate overlords. This allows us to be the true Bitcoin standard of news, which is incredibly dangerous to other publications who are unable to compete with us. The fact that we stand out so much creates a major threat to the institution of journalism which is coming under attack by dangerous conspiracy theorists who are asking inappropriate questions. Journalists are authorities on facts, and should be respected for that. Any publication or communication channel that threatens the perceived validity of these institution's authority is a major threat not only to their business, but also our democracy.

It is apparent that dissident opinions are respected far too much in our society and that the first amendment is one of the biggest threats to the social fabric of our society. Just like the 2nd amendment is invalid, speech should be regulated far more, specifically so that people shouldn't have to think too hard about the sources they reading. There should be government committees formed to regulate speech and crush dissident opinions. Julian Assange has singly handedly caused more damage to society than any other individual and should have been taken out by a drone strike the instant he published anything on Wiki leaks. Allowing proxies of the Russian government to spew anti US propaganda that exposes that politicians are bought and paid for, elections are rigged, and the military is engaging in war crimes all erodes faith in the system. Fiat decree is a faith based system and only works if people believe in it.

To question the system and promote technologies that allow individuals to minimize coercion erodes faith in our strongest institutions which are constantly working to keep us safe from the problems they create. The Bugle is dangerous in this regard as it challenges the ability of other news platforms to manufacture consent for people to continue to walk deeper and deeper into slavery. While other news publications fill their articles with opinions to form your opinions, we fill our articles with better opinions to help our readers form better opinions. Better opinions create challenges in a society striving for the true equality that we hear every politician campaign on, yet never deliver on.

But the most dangerous thing the Bugle does is that it does not participate in chasing people into the arms of individuals who promise hope, yet deliver the same or worse. Instead, we craft masterful pieces of literature on a daily basis that would have brought tears to your 12th grade English teachers eyes, in order to challenge our readers to question, think for themselves, and be able to discern more accurately when they are being lied to. This attitude is dangerous and could be characterized as "malinformation" by our benevolent leaders who are the embodiment of integrity. We must strive to prevent "dangerous" individuals who think critically to walk amongst the general populace, lest they challenge carefully crafted narratives and systems. We have a world to look forward to in which speech is sanitized for your safety, travel is limited to protect the climate, wealth is redistributed in order to promote equality, and privacy is eliminated so that not a single person has anything to hide. The paradox is that in surrendering all of our freedom to people who have our best interest in mind, actually allows us to be truly free. Our rights are not innate, and are bestowed to us by the benevolent individuals who choose the life of public service, not for selfish gain, but in order to serve the less fortunate.

The faces of a few of the individuals in Washington who have selflessly dedicated their lives to public welfare

In this day and age, compliance with our trustworthy authorities has never been more important. To deny what you see in order to believe what you're told is vital if we are to continue to create a more equitable world order. For that reason, publications like the Bugle that do not step in lockstop with what the TV says should be relegated to the dark corners of the internet and be seen for what they are. True journalism should die in a Ukrainian prison cell just like Gonzalo Lira, and soon to be Jullian Assange. This is why the Bugle should be be deplatformed. People shouldn't think for themselves.

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