Why You Should Be Nice And Respectful To Politicians

Why You Should Be Nice And Respectful To Politicians

During this trying and turbulent time in American history, it is vital to remember to be nice and respectful to politicians. When everything you once knew is getting ripped to shreds, it's still important to maintain a level of decorum and civility. If you struggle to do this, take a minute to breathe and forget the war crimes the politician has helped facilitate, or their blatant corruption. No matter how many times they have been to one of Epstein's properties, they still deserve your respect. The only way we win is by getting their permission to win, and that will not happen by spitting in their face. Instead what will likely happen is that they will just use the surveillance police state they have built to destroy you. So just sit tight and forget everything you know in exchange for the reality the television is telling you to believe.

Nancy Pelosi is getting rich while your neighbors are reaching record levels of poverty. Your kid's teacher lives with her parents, and you just watched an elderly women across the street get evicted because her fixed income retirement fund just wasn't enough to pay the rent. All of this is necessary because the inflation which is destroying our communities was unavoidable. The money printed was needed to help fund lockdowns that successfully stopped the spread, the very successful Ukrainian defense against Russia, all the brilliant nation building in Afghanistan, and the CIA's constant attempts to free humanity from peace and prosperity. There is nothing more dangerous than blatantly rejecting the authority of the fairly elected politicians in order to try and preserve any future for future generations.

We should be thanking God for Elizabeth Warren attempting to bring regulatory clarity to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Her work with the banking lobby is obviously to keep Americans safe from being able to safely save any money. Despite Warren's voting record on military spending, which has lead to millions of innocent civilians around the world dying, she is incredibly focused on stopping the funding of terrorism by anyone other than her banker donors. She likely sees herself as a good steward of terrorist financing, and does not trust others to follow her example. For that she deserves our upmost respect, even if we have a slight disagreement with her.

And what of the Biden administration that has done wonders for our society and economy of the last few years? He was the most honestly elected and popularly elected president of all time. His administration's work to boost the IRS is a firm reminder that you as a citizen have no rights and only exist to go work in order to fund the US government by generating tax revenue. You should be proud of the great presidaddy we have, and should definitely trust your kids alone around him.

Thankfully, in 2024, there will be another completely fair election process where maybe Donald Trump may be elected again. He did a great job last time on issues like Covid, vaccines, Bitcoin, money printing, and political prisoners like Assange. He even committed way less war crimes than Barack Obama or George Bush! Hopefully if he gets elected this next time, he will finish building his wall so that after the economy completely collapses, the government has a way to keep us in! There's nothing quite like supporting someone masked as anti establishment, only to continue on with the same old same old.

During these trying times it is important to support politicians because the game is over and we have lost. We don't have a technology that can route around them and we are powerless as how to change the future. That is why we have to pay our taxes, not post offensive things on the internet, and work on ways to compromise with these horrible psychopaths. Don't worry guys, Dennis has our backs and won't let anything that bad happen to us.

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