CIA Will Require Recommendation From Epstein Client List For All New Recruits

CIA Will Require Recommendation From Epstein Client List For All New Recruits

Langley, Virginia – The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) announced it will require a letter of recommendation from someone on Jeffrey Epstein's client list to be eligible for employment with the agency starting October 1, 2024.

The announcement, which was published in an official press release on Wednesday, comes during a time of elevated non-compliance and "rogue agent" incidents which the agency is determined to get under control. A spokesman for the CIA told The Bugle that the move is intended to ensure all new agents can either be blackmailed or have critical family connections who are vulnerable to blackmail. "We need to make sure if all our agents can have their lives destroyed by a simple phone call or media headline if they do not follow approved protocols at all times." The spokesman said.

Sources close to the CIA say the agency has the full unredacted client list and new recruits with recommendations from publicly redacted individuals will receive priority in hiring over non-redacted persons. "The bare minimum is to have a recommendation from someone who's name is on the list. Someone who ordered underage children from Epstein, supplied them to his operation, or merely visited his private sex island. But while that is the minimum, the more high profile and highly redacted the person, the better. We want the elite of the elite, not just someone who has leverage over a former pedophile enabler nobody else at their local country club is aware of." Said the CIA spox.

It remains to be seen if the new requirement improves the quality of agent and their level of compliance but the CIA believes vulnerability to blackmail is a better incentive than money or power to the type of people they want to join their ranks.

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