Government Increases Attacks On Bitcoin As Politicians Seek To Receive More Bitcoin Donations

Government Increases Attacks On Bitcoin As Politicians Seek To Receive More Bitcoin Donations

The U.S. government is escalating coordinated attacks on Bitcoin as politicians pivot from pretending to support Bitcoin to threatening Bitcoin in an attempt to fund political campaigns with Bitcoin donations.

As Robert F. Kennedy Jr and countless other politicians have learned, pretending to support Bitcoin gets you plenty of retweets on social media but it doesn't necessarily lead to material support for your campaign. "I told the audience at Bitcoin 2023 I support Bitcoin and everyone cheered for me. It felt great." RFK Jr. said in a statement to The Bugle. "However, I watched my custodial lightning wallet like a hawk for months afterwards and the balance barely increased. Nobody was actually donating Bitcoin to me like I hoped." He added. A few months later, RFK started attending shitcoin conferences like Eth Denver and several others organized by scammers who have been the target of SEC enforcement actions related to their shitcoin schemes. "The donations started pouring in!" RFK Jr. exclaimed. "I was getting millions in donations from Shibu Inu bag holders, Doge supporters, and EthHeads. Then I realized, pretending to support crypto was not the right strategy. The government needs to attack. The crypto community will start donating money to the state to stop the attacks." He explained.

RFK Jr. immediately told his CIA handlers about this epiphany. As word spread at Langley, other politicians started to notice similar behavior. Some U.S. Congressman and regulators began telling Democrats like Elizabeth Warren as well as President Biden's non-binary handlers about what they learned.

"Political campaigns are getting really expensive. We are taxing the hell out of people to support Israel and Ukraine and they don't have much money left over to donate to their favorite politicians." A Whitehouse spokesperson said. "There are also limits on the amount people can legally donate. However, Bitcoin increases in value over time so if someone donates $250k worth, which meets their donation limit, that value can increase significantly during a bull market. Its the perfect loophole." They added.

More and more politicians are learning about this loophole and as a consequence, the attacks from Washington on Bitcoiners has increased in recent weeks. However, the politicians are telling the Bugle that Bitcoiners have donated more Bitcoin in response to the attacks than ever before. Time will tell if this strategy of giving politicians Bitcoin will hurt or help the cause.

If you're interested in donating Bitcoin to politicians to quell the attacks on Bitcoin, we urge you to reach out to Dennis Porter.

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