It's Official: Donald Trump Announces Michael Saylor As Running Mate

It's Official: Donald Trump Announces Michael Saylor As Running Mate

According to Michael Saylor "there is no second best" cryptocurrency but the billionaire CEO and Bitcoin investor will be second in line for the presidency should Donald Trump win the election in November.

In a crypto dominated afternoon, the Trump's Campaign official announced Saylor as its pick to be vice president this afternoon just moments after the SEC approved the spot Ethereum ETFs. Mr. Saylor has no political experience but he did serve in the U.S. Air Force and has worked closely with the federal government, building his company Microstrategy's headquarters right outside D.C. in Langley, Virginia.

Analysts said they're somewhat surprised by the Trump campaign's decision but they said candidate Trump's recent decision to embrace cryptocurrency, even going so far as saying he is building a "crypto army", along with the decision to accept Bitcoin donations shows that the former president is banking on winning the election on back of voters who want to eliminate banks altogether.

After the announcement, Michael Saylor released a statement saying the campaign would be the most thermodynamically sound presidential campaign in the nation's history and that they would use Bitcoin to financially destroy all their political opponent's models and waltz into the Whitehouse next January.

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