Florida Man Registers S9 With EIA, Is Immediately Charged With Intentional Climate Change

Florida Man Registers S9 With EIA, Is Immediately Charged With Intentional Climate Change

A man from Tampa Florida was arrested early February 2nd by the FBI at the behest of the DOJ after he registered his S9 with the EIA, which is another arm of the bureaucratic leviathan under the umbrella of the Department of Justice. The man registered his miner after the EIA announced they would be requiring all miners to report their equipment. Fortunately his dog was not shot, as he did not own a dog. The FBI conducted a pre-dawn raid of Florida man's home, confiscating his S9, as well as looking through his house for his seed words. They also confiscated his electronics, citing them as evidence of the crime. He was officially charged with Intentional Climate Change, and Intention to Promote Climate Change, as a result of his tweets showing off how he was heating his home.

This circumstance has terrified home miners all across the United States, but will likely not hold water as many legal experts are declaring the move unconstitutional. The arrest of Florida man was likely done to send a chilling effect down the spines of miners operating inside the borders of the United States. Surprisingly though, the response by many is to take to Twitter, announcing that they would be buying more miners and defying the EIA. Public mining companies have remained silent, but many mid sized private miners have also flagged their intent to defy the feds new registry program. Twitter has been full of pictures of nyms doxing their home mining set ups, while declaring their

Characterization of plebs doxxing their mining setups on Twitter

What makes this situation confusing is that the EIA had never required home miners to declare their mining operations, so why the DOJ chose to prosecute a random Florida man has baffled legal experts. Generally, law enforcement only goes after innocent individuals with dogs in order to have something to shoot while SWATing a peaceful individual's home. More is to be revealed going forward as the case progresses. Florida man has made bail thanks to a Geyser fund that was set up.

The most worrying thing to many Americans is that America is beginning to look a lot more like Canada with people getting arrested for intentional climate change.