Swan makes Ripples on Bitcoin Twitter

Swan makes Ripples on Bitcoin Twitter
Ripple/XRP's motto.

Swan Bitcoin's recent and rather theatrical attempt to upgrade their Fortress to a Citadel has taken another turn. Today, the crypto-sphere was set abuzz with the news that Ripple, the ever-controversial parent company of the centralized security-token XRP, has swooped in and Zerg rushed Swan's Fortress. XRP is a token that many indviduals in the crypto sphere tell people they don't like to buy. One might say that Swan's failed upgrade has led to some unexpected ripples in the pond.

It's been whispered in the dimly lit corners of Bitcoin Twitter that Cory Klippsten, the ever-optimistic CEO of Swan Bitcoin, was allegedly informed he "must construct additional pylons" before the upgrade. One can only imagine the scene: Cory, standing atop his Fortress, megaphone in hand, shouting to the heavens, "I just need one more pylon!" Alas, the universe, or perhaps just the laws of construction, were not on his side.

Brad Garlinghouse, the ever-smug CEO of Ripple/XRP, couldn't resist adding his two cents (or should we say, two XRP?) to the situation. "I just 6102'd that bitch," he quipped, a statement that will no doubt be dissected, memed, and possibly even embroidered onto throw pillows by XRP enthusiasts worldwide. For those not in the know, 6102 is a reference to the infamous gold seizure by FDR during the Great Depression.

Meanwhile, @DiracDelta, known in the crypto community as a "walking anti-signal" for Swan, took to Twitter to voice his frustrations. "I have been pissed off about incompetence in the fiat world all my life, and the incompetence in the late fiat 'bitcoin world' pisses me off too." One can only assume he's referring to Swan's ill-fated upgrade attempt. Or perhaps he's just having a bad day. With @DiracDelta, it's always a bit of a toss-up.

Scott Purcell, the founder of Prime Trust and the brain behind Fortress, has been notably silent on the matter. Perhaps he's off somewhere constructing his own pylons, or maybe he's just enjoying a well-deserved break from the relentless drama of the crypto world.

It's worth noting that this isn't the first time Swan Bitcoin has made headlines for its ambitious endeavors. Earlier this year, they announced their intentions to upgrade their Fortress to a Citadel, a move that was met with a mix of admiration, skepticism, and more than a few snickers. The link to the full story of that ill-fated attempt can be found here, for those who enjoy a good dose of schadenfreude.

As for Ripple's acquisition of Fortress, details remain scarce. However, a recent article from CoinDesk sheds some light on the situation, which can be found here.

In conclusion, the world of cryptocurrency remains as unpredictable and entertaining as ever. Whether you're a die-hard crypto enthusiast or just here for the drama, one thing's for sure: there's never a dull moment in the land of Bitcoin, XRP, and ill-fated construction projects. As for Swan Bitcoin, one can only hope they've learned the importance of having enough pylons on hand.


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