Fountain Podcasters Consider Unionizing. Demands Include Free CrowdHealth Memberships

Fountain Podcasters Consider Unionizing. Demands Include Free CrowdHealth Memberships

Some Bitcoin podcasters and content publishers who primarily distribute their content on the popular podcasting 2.0 app Fountain are considering making a unionization push, according to leaked Telegram transcripts published on Stacker News.

The organizers and moderators of the Telegram channel, where preliminary discussions have been taking place, carefully protected their identities and apparently maintain a strict policy of not referring to any podcasts involved in organization efforts. However, based on the member count and the group's activity revealed by the leaked transcripts, the movement is gaining steam.

Discussions centered on guaranteed payment split minimums for podcasts based on downloads as well as repeated mentions of pursuing free or subsidized CrowdHealth memberships for podcasters and their families. CrowdHealth is healthcare cost sharing platform that functions similar to health insurance but instead uses Bitcoin as its unit of account in the funds general account.

"I quit my fiat mining job to do a Bitcoin podcast and lost health insurance for my family as a result. Fountain disproportionately benefits from my podcasting labor and its time to share the generational wealth. Its time for them to live up to the value for value ethos they profess to believe in!" Said Bitcoin podcaster Fundamentals.

Fountain was unavailable for comment before the time of this article's publishing. However, Fountain added a new job role to the popular Bitcoin job board, which included "union busting" as a required skill.

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