Israel Turns to Swan Force to Help Fund War in Gaza as Congress Works Through Gridlock Over Aid

Israel Turns to Swan Force to Help Fund War in Gaza as Congress Works Through Gridlock Over Aid

While US politicians argue about how many billions in aid should go to Israel for its effort to combat Hamas militants in Gaza, Israel is done waiting. Instead, they've started earning Bitcoin by shilling referral links for Swan Bitcoin via their Swan Force referral program. The U.S. based company pays a percentage of fees paid by the referred customers of Swan Force members and Israel is cashing in.

There are already reports that the Israeli government is considering launching a new daily Space on X to spread the word about the referral program. Israeli officials haven't confirmed the rumor but reports indicate they've already contacted Luke Broyles to be a guest.

Meanwhile, X users have resorted to muting the Israeli military (IDF), and other official government accounts, after reports of the accounts spamming Swan Force referral links all over their timeline. To make the problem worse, as some users see it, these links have caused X's algorithm to begin spamming followers of Israeli government accounts with additional Swan content. "How many more videos of boomers who used to like gold but now think Bitcoin is better can a person watch?! It's so tiresome", tweeted one Israeli citizen.

Not to be outdone, Hamas has taken it upon themselves use Swan Force to raise funds for their efforts as well. "It's an unexpected twist, to be sure!" said Swan employee, who wished to remain anonymous, as Swan finds itself in the middle of the a horrific geopolitical battle being waged in Gaza. "We're just glad people from every background is finding Bitcoin and more importantly, getting on the Mission."

The Bugle reached out to Swan CEO Cory Klippsten for comments but didn't get a response before press time. However, Klippsten tweeted this earlier this week in response to the public discovering that controversial media figure Alex Jones was a member of the Swan Force.

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