Looking Strikingly Gaunt, Peter McCormack Announces Ozempic As Exclusive New Sponsor of What Bitcoin Did Podcast

Looking Strikingly Gaunt, Peter McCormack Announces Ozempic As Exclusive New Sponsor of What Bitcoin Did Podcast

Bedford, U.K. – In a recent episode of the highly popular What Bitcoin Did podcast host Peter McCormack, looking strikingly gaunt and thin according to fans, announced a new exclusive sponsor: the popular weight-loss drug Ozempic. The Novo-Nordisk developed drug will replace WBD sponsor staples like Iris Energy, River, Swan, and Gemini, according to McCormack.

People close to McCormack spoke off the record to The Bugle regarding his recent weight-loss journey which apparently includes the use of Ozempic. The drug apparently works so effectively that one associate said on a recent visit to El Zonte, El Salvador, known fondly as Bitcoin Beach, Peter abstained from eating any papusas compared to his usual dozen per day. Local papusa maker Momma Rosa even penned McCormack's new nickname now being used by those from the El Zonte area: Pedro Delgado.

McCormack generated controversy on the social media platform X recently after making bold comments regarding Tucker Carlson's highly anticipated interview with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. McCormack called Carlson and many of his outspoken supporters "Putin Simps" and suggested Putin, and Russia, are murderous psychopaths. He believes that the interview will only serve to spread more dangerous Russian misinformation regarding the war in Ukraine.

After further investigation, this author has come to the conclusion that McCormack has become increasingly obsessed and angry with Tucker Carlson following a recent interview the independent media host held with author and Ozempic skeptic, Calley Means. During the interview Means criticized the weight-loss drug and highlighted some of its dangerous side effects. According to sources close to McCormack, this has infuriated him and has resulted in him placing a target on Tucker Carlson's back.

Popular Bitcoin advocate and open source developer Jimmy Song subtweeted McCormack recently, accusing McCormack of being jealous of Tucker Carlson. The ensuing thread between Song and McCormack highlights the disconnect between how McCormack views himself and how others view him which is a known side effect of Ozempic, particularly after the drug begins to cause weight-loss.

While some have expressed a positive reaction to McCormack's weight loss, others see it as yet another example of his affinity for fiat solutions, or short cuts, to broader societal problems. Some have resurfaced McCormacks pro vaccine tweets from 2021 and used this development to point out McCormack's statist tendencies. McCormack denies these allegations and insists his anger and criticism aimed at Carlson and Putin are righteous, not the result of envy.

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