Making Fun Of Mike Alfred Becomes Highest Engaging Tweet Formula

Making Fun Of Mike Alfred Becomes Highest Engaging Tweet Formula

Getting good engagement on Twitter is a science, and the winds are constantly changing. Producing good content is not enough. Instead, you must be on top of your game when it comes to whatever the current trending meme is. As of right now, the highest engaging tweet formula is to make fun of Mike Alfred.

Mike Alfred has a long history of telling random internet users very accurate, inside information for free. He has a great track record of suggesting investments other than Bitcoin such as Bitcoin Mining stocks, which have continued to dramatically outperform Bitcoin in losing you value by underperforming Bitcoin. It is widely believed that Alfred is actually an alien robot who only replicates other people's ideas for Twitter engagement.

Unfortunately the time has come where Alfred is the butt of the joke. Twitter users are replicating memes making fun of him for everything under the sun. His good friend Dennis Porter appears to be leaving him out to hang, and even tweeted making fun of Alfred for engagement.

Epic betrayal by Dennis

In the midst of the bear market, many of the top influencers from last cycle are really struggling to continue to pull high engagement tweets, as well as land conference speaking slots. This may be the low point for Alfred this cycle, but he and his infinite wisdom are destined to bounce back to prominence during the next bull market.

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