The Top 10 Most Dangerous Bitcoin Twitter Replicators

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Bitcoin Twitter Replicators
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Replicators are robots in skin suits that walk among us. They are a machine race, hailing from P3S-517 in the Milky Way galaxy and are capable of reproducing themselves indefinitely. Replicators can be identified by their inability to generate any individual content. Instead they repeat the same content that someone else has produced over and over again. They are grave threat to Bitcoin adoption and should be taken very seriously.

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  1. Mary Bent

Macro Marty has really blown his cover in recent months. His replicating consists of uncreative regurgitation of Dylan Leclaire regurgitating Lyn Alden on Rabbit Hole Recap. Marty has really put on his macro cap for this bear market, and is on top of his Bitcoin news. You can read his daily newsletter where he replicated the best takes on Bitcoin Twitter.

2. Max Keiser

From shilling Max coin, to shilling nonexistent volcano bonds, Keiser is a tried and true replicator. If someone doesn't appreciate his replication, he just begins shouting it to the point where the other person cannot talk. Keiser may have been one of the first replicators to come from P3S-517 to Earth, but it is difficult to determine whether that is true because they are a very secretive race.

3. Mike Alfred

Mike has never had an original thought in his life. His specialty is replicating bullish sentiment about mining stocks. Alfred's replication is flawed as it is incredibly easy to see through. Even the untrained individual can tell that he is not human and instead is a robot. He may be the most shameless replicator on the list, but his shamelessly transparent and untalented replication push him down to 3rd on the list.

4. Dan Held

Held is probably the most obvious replicator behind Alfred. Getting a tweet stolen by him is a rite of passage on Bitcoin Twitter. From Stacks to Ordinals, Held is highly committed to promoting shitcoining on Bitcoin. Anyone who accuses him of replicating will get instantly blocked on twitter.

5. Brady Swenson and the Swans

Swenson is the replicator in Chief over at Swan. Somehow, him and Cory Klipsten have assembled the highest quality team of replicators in the land. Replicators working at Swan look different than other replicators because they are made up of largely gold internal components. Swan replicators can be identified by either weighing them, or by the slight gold tint that they all have.

6. Peter McCormack

McCormack is famous for his takes on whatever the current thing is. With never ending faith in the integrity of government and the NHS, he will jump on board of whatever the current narratives coming directly from intelligence agencies is. His podcast consists of replicating simple ideas for the average person to understand. He has the biggest replicating podcast related to Bitcoin.

7. Udi

Udi is friends with Dan Held for a reason. Whatever the most degenerate shitcoin thing is, Udi is in support. The collective wealth that has been destroyed by people following Udi's replications is greater than the GDP of Bolivia, and he's only getting started. He is the counter replicator to many Bitcoin maximalist replicators.

9. CK Snarks

CK is a career replicator, starting out with Bitcoin Magazine, and now moving over to our favorite neocon organization, the Human Rights Foundation. He was hired to replicate Alex Gladstein's replications of the Council on Foreign Relations. HRF is definitely one of the most devious replicator groups as they operate under the pretense of supporting Bitcoin, but instead are true agents of fiat.

Honorable Mentions
Guy Swann did not make the list but deserves an honorable mention. Guy's whole career is built on top of replicating other people's content on his podcast Bitcoin Audible. Though he does an enormous amount of replication, he still injects enough of his own original thought to confuse even the experts on whether he is truly a replicator or not.

10. Phil Gibson  

Last on our list is Phil Gibson, who is a replicator of Tom Longo who is some shitcoiner who likes gold and thinks he is a Federal Reserve Chair Anthropologist. Phil rides the coat tails of Tom, parroting whatever he has going on currently.


Here is Richard Greaser's top 10 most dangerous Bitcoin Twitter replicators. Be warned and stay vigilant out there. The replicators will be defeated and original content will reign supreme.

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