Power Rankings: Top 5 Bitcoin Meme Gangs

Power Rankings: Top 5 Bitcoin Meme Gangs

A meme gang is a loose federation of individuals who place text on top of pictures and videos in order to convey a propagandic message. The federation serves as a way to mutually share content, but also for mutual protection. Memers by themselves have been picked off by ruthless opponents and as a result, memers have been banding together to defeat their critics, as well as algorithms which stifle their brilliance. Here is Richard Greaser's top 5 meme gang power rankings:

Power rankings are arbitrarily decided by Richard Greaser's superior intellect and anyone that disputes his rankings is horrifically wrong and should probably seek psychiatric assistance.

1. Triple Elite Memers (TEM)


While this group doesn't make memes, nor do they get any laughs, Triple Elite Memes (more commonly referred to as TEM), is definitely the most noteworthy as they are easily the loudest meme gang. Their Wikipedia pages labels them as a hate group with no known leader or headquarters. Their presence can been seen at conferences where countless of them show up with matching T-shirts. The group behaves without restraint on the internet, believing that if their Twitter account gets banned, it will then go to Valhalla afterwards. It is rumored that the group has an initiation ritual which includes calling Peter McCormack homophobic names, and then taking a bite out of the still beating heart of a Moose that the member must have just killed. TEM is number one on the list because Dick Greaser may or may not be under duress.

The group argues that sitting on Twitter Spaces all day and muttering incoherent nonsense is a pure form of meme magic.

2. The Meme Factory

The Meme Factory, known for watermarking their memes as well as striking large contracts with Bitcoin corporations. Founded by Bitcoin Bekka, The Meme Factory is our only women founded meme gang. When asked Bekka what inspired her, she replied, “I wanted to help promote my sexual advances on Michael Saylor.” The group is lead by Bekka, a puppet named Yellow, a potato, a dog and a few other no names. The gang is known for their classy boomer style approach.

The group has been researching how to run a livestream for over a year, having done weekly test streams to try and figure the process out.  The Meme Factory is reportedly holding a party to celebrate the Bitcoin halving, months prior to when the actual halving happens.

The Meme Factory almost catapulted themselves into the mainstream when a rumor spread around about a member that goes by "Rope" being secretly married to @jessicahodlr. The rumor was never corroborated and was denied by both parties. Since then, their fan fair has died down a bit.

3. Memetards

Adam back flashing some Memetard bling

The punk rock meme gang.  They are most known for shitting on the Meme Factory during the 2021 bull run. While originally named Moscow Memetards, after their support for Vladamir Putin, the gang has recently rebranded to just the Memetards, honing in on their group of mentally challenged individuals.

With Adam Back being a core member of the Memetards, this meme group is easily the wealthiest of all the Bitcoin meme gangs.  Many may not know this, but Adam is financing their operation and developed the memetards.com website himself.  A source close to Adam hinted at us that a Memetard Blockstream Satellite will be dropping soon. The satellite will help fellow Memetard member HodlAdu slide into DMs more effectively.

4. 58k Gang

Founded by a man named Deniz and his 58 friends, this meme gang is prolific in regards to making memes about Bitcoin's true valuation being $58k and penises. 58k Gang is the bane of everyone's existence. At the height of the bull market, they were the bane of the moon boy's dreams, constantly calling for a correction in price. They were correct then and they will be correct again. Now they are spreading intense amounts of hopium about Bitcoin's true valuation being $58k. The majority of people surrounding Bitcoin are so hopelessly bearing right now, and 58k is the bright light shining uncomfortably into their eyes, reminding them that 58k will be triumphant again soon.  You know what they say “everyone gets the 58k they deserve." Being ranked at #4 is undeserving and when 58k comes around, you know they’ll be dropping a flurry of memes shooting themselves up to #1 in the power rankings.

Honorable Mentions: Swanforcers and The Council of Bens

Swanforcers are made up of our friends that Swan has "collected." They make memes and spread their ref codes far and wide. Although they did not make the list, they will forever be remembered for wearing Swan branded Air Force flight suits at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in exchange for a free conference ticket.

The Council of Bens is a tight knit group of misfits and losers. Ben Armstrong is going through a lot of personal issues currently which really hurts the group's credibility. The gang is not good at fighting, and definitely not good at making memes, though many of them do have influential roles in the Bitcoin ecosystem. They are probably the only meme group with anyone who knows how to code.

5. Women of Bitcoin

Greg Foss Headlines Women In Bitcoin Conference, Condemns Bitcoin Magazine

While this group falls last on our list, it is indeed the least. Membership of this group is granted by having a friendly tone of voice and saying hi with enthusiasm at conferences to other women. The group was founded by Greg Foss, which is all very strange, but it has persisted. The group spun off of one of Natalie Brunell's courses on Bitcoin and exists as a support network for female memers who get burnt out by the degeneracy of Bitcoin Twitter. You can catch this small crew at many conferences, looking for their Bitcoin alpha male who will share his seed…phrase.

When asked his motives for starting Women in Bitcoin, Greg said “I believe Satoshi was a woman, so without women, there is no Bitcoin dammit. Don’t you understand, it’s simple math.”

One of the groups biggest moments was when Aubrey Stroble accused her Air BNB host of spying on them with secret cameras, and unintentionally sent Bitcoin Twitter into a tail spin. The FBI later apologized for their placement of cameras within the Air BNB.


There was a lot of consideration that went into determining these power rankings. Some threats against this author's safety may have influenced the order of the rankings, but it still stands as legitimate scoring of Bitcoin Twitter's meme gangs. While few in number today, new rival gangs are sure to come on to the scene as Bitcoin becomes adopted more. The meme gang warfare will likely only get worse from here.

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