Yellow Revealed To Have Prerecorded Don't Stop Believing Spaces

Yellow Revealed To Have Prerecorded Don't Stop Believing Spaces

News Tip submitted by an anonymous source

Infamous Twitter meme gang member, Yellow was revealed this week to have prerecorded Twitter spaces with the intention of having people believe they were live performances. In reality, they were prerecorded cassette tapes he played over Twitter spaces on a daily basis, maliciously deceiving fans who were present to be given hope that Bitcoin would in deed hit $100k some day.

The deception was revealed after his cassette player jammed, causing him to become flustered and confess to his misdeeds. Many had their suspicions of the prerecording for some time as Yellow never allowed anyone else to speak during the online gatherings. This evidence compounds on top of a whistleblower who chose to go by "Other Barry" analyzing consistent patterns of evidence pointing to Yellow's spaces being recorded.

Yellow seems to be recycling material and the same old memes about banana bread and macro, leaving us writers at the Bugle wondering if he has been captured and replaced by a replicator. Yellow had previously been one of the strongest critics of replicators, which are an alien robotic race walking around in human skin suits, saying the same things over and over again on the usual podcasts.

President Nayib Bukele announced that he would not stand for poor behavior of meme gang members and would be issuing an arrest warrant for Yellow. "Meme gangs almost tore our country apart. While not as bad as actual gang members, they are powerful forces of propaganda which need to be controlled. Yellow showed a willingness to mislead the people with prerecordings and therefore will be arrested if he enters the country. Our border police are looking our for Yellow puppets entering our border," Bukele told the Bugle.

Corey Klipsten appeared to be okay with the prerecordings as it allows for Yellow to spend more time making original Swan content. Klipsten is a self described "Yellow Groupie." Yellow had been using his spaces to build his resume in order to try and get his job back at Strike after losing it in the bear market. He had previously held the position of Chief Watermarker, taking all the Liotta gifs and slapping a Strike logo on them.

What the end goal of these DSB spaces? The Bugle has investigated that Yellow is looking to fill the gaps in his resume and get his job back at Strike as lead watermarking officer. We hope that a $100k Bitcoin price can bring Yellow back to being an authentic memer.

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