2,100 Laser Eyed Podcasters Sign Petition Condemning Inscriptions

2,100 Laser Eyed Podcasters Sign Petition Condemning Inscriptions

A petition condemning Inscriptions, started by a Bitcoin podcaster who opposes JPEGs on Bitcoin, has met it's goal of amassing 2,100 signatures from other podcasters. The stated goal of the petition is to raise awareness that inscriptions are spam on the Bitcoin blockchain. The petition is not binding but signatories are encouraged to share a link to the petition on X to boost engagement.

Created by a group of Bitcoin podcast insiders calling itself Maxis4LowFees, the letter's signatories so far include such podcasters as Peter McCormack, Stephan Livera, Daniel Prince, Guy Swann, Preston Pysh, the white guy from Bitcoin Beach, and over 2000 other podcasters that nobody has ever heard of.

"We urge everyone to be aware that Bitcoin is for buying from KYC exchanges and sending to a Ledger or Trezor" the petition states. It goes on to note: "If Ordinals spammers continue their attack, the global south will priced out of using the base layer."

Some signees, such as McCormack have shared their opposition to inscriptions on their podcast as well as on X. Some going as far as to call for the inscribers to fork off or for the developers to "do something." However, its unclear what developers can or should do since the transactions are firmly within consensus rules.

The Maxis4LowFees petition isn't the only such act of maximalist protocol advocacy to have emerged over the past couple of weeks. An unknown group has begun DDoS attacking the Ordinals scanner website this week. In addition to complaining on Twitter and booing Udi Wertheimer and Eric Wall at Bitcoin 2023, the group Just Stop Ordinals has been throwing orange paint on their computer screens and gluing themselves to social media to protest the JPEG transactions.

Although the petition aims to present a united front, reports of drama and in-fighting among signatories was leaked to the Bugle. Screenshots from a Telegram chat for signatories shows that lesser known podcasters threatened to pull their signatures from the petition if their names and podcast weren't listed in the top 25 signatures which would land them on the petition's first page. "This could be viewed as a FF (Follow Friday) list for viewers to see new podcasts and give smaller podcasts more exposure" one signatory said. The organizers compromised and agreed to list the names in alphabetical order after the top 10 podcasters by followers which were viewed as the anchors of the petition.

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