Bitcoiner Wonders Why He Can't Find Trad Wife On Tinder

Bitcoiner Wonders Why He Can't Find Trad Wife On Tinder

"I turned to Tinder after I couldn't find a trad life on Bitcoin Twitter, Nostr, and even the Orange Pill App. Now I can't seem to find one on Tinder. My last hope is for the Bitcoin conferences to do Bitcoiner speed dating, but that would require women to show up to the conferences," @stackhodlingpleb told the Bugle. After years of searching for his perfect trad wife, our friend SHP for short, is feeling discouraged wondering if there are even potential trad wife's out there or if they are truly unicorns. "I feel like I have a better chance of finding Sasquatch than I do a good trad wife," SHP finished with.

Many individuals have been struggling with this issue, even popular influencers like Tatum Turnup and Denver Bitcoin. Tatum is not only an influencer, but is also taller than average man and fork lift certified. Denver has over 60k Twitter followers and has been on more podcasts than you can keep track of. Both seem like find candidates for perspective trad wife's to line up in front of with job applications, yet both are finding themselves stuck in the search for a kitchen dwelling partner.

It is quickly becoming clear that finding a trad wife is unfortunately a problem that the free market appears unable to solve in the United States. Some are going as far as pressuring politicians to mandate home economics classes again in school for all females, and to even repeal the right for women to vote to try and resolve the issue. Others are scouring Rothbard and Mises books looking desperately for a free market solution to this issue. Fortunately, Sean Strickland is on the case, working to make sure there is a women in every kitchen, and gun in every home.

The reality Bitcoiner's are facing is that very few people are willing to date on a Bitcoin standard, and instead are far too focused on fiat hookup culture, which apps like Tinder are geared towards. Many are finding it incredibly difficult to find a women who can put up with the sound of miners running in their home, listen to long lectures on derivation paths, and make sandwiches on demand.

It would seem that Bitcoiner's last hope is for Greg Foss to attract more women to the Women in Bitcoin conference, which is supposedly not the place to go find your future trad wife.

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